About Me

I am Sekar Atmahayu Tinuladani. You may call me Sekar. I was born on Blitar, October 7th 1996. I live in Blitar, East Java, Indonesia. I'm a Moslem. Now, I study in SHS 1 Blitar. in the future, I wanna be a doctor like as my Father.

Btw, my fam is a music fam. my father was a guitarist, my big bro was a violist and I was a pianist. the weird thing is my mom didn't like music as much |^,^v|

Now, I will tell you about 10 things that I love and hate! cekidoott!!
1. I love God, My big fam, my best friends(Raras or Bunda, Shinta or Chycyl, Novitha or Bithii, and Jeffry).
2. I'm really sneaky to my big bro n my mom. (They always scream when I do something that really sneaky)
3. I love Chemistry subject! because I don't need to study hard about the formula. |^,^v|
4. I love playing piano as well. I wanna be a good teacher in piano.
5. I love being a fashion design. In the future, I wanna open a fashion store and make some fashion line.
6. I hate people when they borrowed my things and not give them back with good condition to me.
7. I hate slowly people. slowly people always walk slowly and do anything slowly such as they haven't any spirit to do their life :-X
8. I love tasks but I hate tests. You may give me a hundred tasks which I should did it quickly than you give me five tests which I may did it in longer time :P
9. I hate being a girl under a pressure because I can't express what I feel.
10. I love movie a lot and I'm a truefan of SNSD and Selena Gomez.

Well, that's all about me. if u want to know more, I'm a childish, smart, talkative and cheerful. or you may contact me (check it in contact me's page

Have a good day folks \(^,^)/

Welcome to this blogging world,
Cheers, Sekar \(^,^)/